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Regular and proper maintenance can increase the lifespan of a pool anywhere between 15 and 30 years. Pool repair can be simple or it can be more complex, it simply depends on the type of repairs that are needed. if the pool is an in-ground pool and is a concrete pool, there are often cracks and chips along the sides with hollow spots. As an in-ground pool age, it is not uncommon for chips and cracks to occur. if cracks are extensive, the pool may need to be drained for more comprehensive work. Larger cracks need to be cut out up to 1/2 inch deep using a concrete saw. The crack is then rinsed and filled, allowed to dry, and then sealed. The pool can then be filled and prepared for use. The materials that are used for crack sealing and repair dry quickly and are water-resistant and durable.

In-ground concrete pools that are plastered need re-plastering every so often. This is generally an aesthetic issue which will improve the appearance of the pool If the plaster needs to be replaced, it is advisable to hire an experienced professional who has performed this type of work many times before. The reason is that it takes a long time to properly repair the pool for plastering and then completing the work. Macon Pool Repair has all of the necessary experience and can deal with these repairs and a pool makeover if this is something you require. Our trained professionals know how to service and repair pools so that they are usable and so that you can enjoy your pool as soon as possible.

Fiberglass pool shells can blister and bubble or crack. These defects can be repaired but the repair will never match the original color perfectly and will always be visible. The only way to avoid seeing a repair is to resurface the entire pool shell which can be expensive. Fiberglass can fade and look old after several years, but it can be revived with a spray-on fiber coating or it can be replaced which is a more expensive option. Our trained professionals can assess what is needed and they make the necessary repairs to your pool and its equipment within your budget.

Vinyl liners can also be repaired by our trained professionals. We use professional-grade products that stand up to the rigors of pool use including industrial strength patches. We also repair and service all types of pool equipment. If your pool pump is not operating optimally, we can take care of that and ensure that you are getting the best possible result. Pool pumps are noisy, but if a pump is excessively noisy, it may not be operating to its highest capacity. If you would like someone to come and take a look at your pool and your pump or any other pool-related issue, please give us a call. We open and close pools, service spas, and have trained professionals that can take care of whatever you need us to deal with. Please call us today to find out how we can help you.