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Macon Pool Construction and Cleaning Service

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Owning a pool should be a pleasure, not a nightmare. – your pool is something to be enjoyed when the weather permits. You certainly don’t want to be the only one who is doing all of the maintenance for the pool. Pools are best when they are clean and maintained, but no one wants to have to take their own free time to take care of these tasks. Wouldn’t you rather be sitting poolside with your cold beverage enjoying the pool instead of having to work on it all of the time? You can leave all of the dreaded pool tasks up to us, we are trained professionals with both residential and commercial pool maintenance, pool cleaning and monthly maintenance. If you want to know more, you can contact us and we can come to your location and can offer a free quote on any work we can take care of on your behalf.    

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        We offer many different services including New Pool Construction, Monthly Maintenance, One Time Cleaning, Pool Repair, and our Open & Closing Services. 

New Pool Construction

Is your backyard ready for a pool? Buying and installing a pool can be one of the most exciting purchases you will ever make in your life. There are many things to consider including getting the right contractor who has knowledge and experience with the installation of many different types of pools and yard enhancement projects. Not sure if your yard has space for a new pool? We are an experienced swimming pool contractor that has completed countless installations resulting in happy customers all over Macon, GA. Our company takes care of every aspect of pool construction and installation, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We will take exact measurements and present you with a layout that maximizes the best use of your backyard. After you have had an opportunity to consider the plans and discuss your wants and needs, we will discuss the cost of the project and materials. We will provide you with a time estimate once the scope of the project has been fully determined. We can also discuss other elements to enhance your backyard space and make it a place that the whole family can enjoy.

Swimming Pool Steps

Once your pool installation and backyard project have been completed, the value of your home will increase, and you will have a permanent space that you love to use. Swimming in the summer will be something that the whole family enjoys along with a backyard space that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Not sure if you have the space needed for pool installation? Call us today and we will be happy to come to your home and share our vision with you as to how best to utilize the backyard space you have. We are a swimming pool contractor that takes pride in every installation of a pool or spa that we complete, and it shows with the satisfaction of our customers.

Pool Cleaning Service

Maybe you just opened up your pool or are getting ready to and you have not had the time to clean it. We can handle a one time cleaning on your behalf if that is what you need. We will partially drain the water and vacuum the pool as well as scrub the liner or the plaster around the edges. We clean in and around all surfaces including the ladder, stairs, and filter system. We will clean out all baskets and make certain that your pump is ready to run and free of debris. Finally, we will attend to adding all of the necessary chemicals, balancing, and topping them up where necessary and then we will fill your pool to an optimal level. You should feel good about getting into your freshly sanitized pool after we have taken care of cleaning it. If you need more information, take a look at our one time cleaning page to learn about our many services that will get your pool in top shape with no effort from you.

Macon Pool Cleaning Service

There are several tasks that we will complete on a monthly basis including an initial visual inspection to check for leaks or issues with the pool. Next, we will move on to testing and adjusting the chemicals in your pool. We will have a good look at your pump and filtration system to ensure that they are in good working order. If any filters need to be changed we will take care of that and we will also give your pool a thorough cleaning. We will examine the o rings, seals and fittings of the pump and replace any worn parts to ensure that the pump is running at its best level. We will set up a monthly schedule with you at any time of the month that works best for you. Navigate over to our monthly maintenance page to get more information on the many monthly maintenance packages we have to offer.

Macon Pool Construction and Cleaning Service is great at what they do. The upkeep on our pool was too much work for me and my husband to handle along with our other responsibilities, but it couldn’t be easier now that they take care of it for us. Now we can just enjoy the pool again

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 If you have an older pool that needs some attention, we can take care of that for you. We can repair any leaks, replace an older, worn outliner, or sandblast your concrete pool and repaint it to give it an updated and fresh look. If your filtration system is worn out and the pump isn’t working properly, we have several options. We can repair or rebuild your existing pump or we can replace it.  Sometimes making a few smaller repairs can be a lot less expensive than having to replace an entire pool and all of its working parts. We can replace the tiles in your pool which will give it the appearance of an entirely new pool. There are many options and they all start with you contacting our trained professionals for a free, no-obligation quote. Take a look at our pool repair page to get more details of the many services we offer.

Macon Pool Repair Service
Pool Roller Macon

Our opening and closing service can save you lots of precious time. When the hot weather hits, you just want to get into your pool, but there are many steps that need to be taken prior to jumping into it. First of all, the water needs to be checked to see what the ratio of chemicals is. We will lower the water level and scrub the sidewalls of your pool, then refill the pool and add the required chemicals into the pool. We run all necessary heater lines and set up your pump and test it all out to ensure that it is functioning correctly. We run the entire system to test it and ensure that the pump is ready to go. Opening day for your pool shouldn’t cause you a giant headache, it should be a time for happiness and much-anticipated enjoyment.
Closing your pool is simple. We remove all extra hardware such as your diving board, slide, and ladders. for storage over the winter months. We then drain the pool to a lower level and cover the pool. The pump and any heating lines are also removed. Once your pool is ready for closure you can relax knowing that it is ready to rest over the winter and not much will need to be done when the warm weather hits to open the pool back up.  If you are interested in finding out more about our pool opening or pool closing service, please take a look at our pool opening and closing page for more information.    

      Macon Pool Construction and Cleaning Service is reliable and professional and will take care of all of your pool needs. We are based in Macon, GA, and have many satisfied customers in the area. Feel free to explore our website and get in touch with us to schedule a no-obligation free quote for whatever your pool needs are. We are local and we care about you and your pool and most importantly, you get the most out of your pool every season. We handle both commercial and residential pools and spas and provide a full range of services on any schedule that works for you.

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