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Opening and closing your pool at the right times of the year are as important as all of the steps needed to carry out these steps. It is a great idea to have trained professionals take care of your pool closing and your pool opening so that you know that it is done properly. This will prevent anyone who wants to swim in the pool from getting sick and ensuring that the life of your pool is extended.

Steps Required for Opening Your Pool

Your pool should be opened only when the weather is consistently warm at the end of spring, beginning of summer. If your pool is opened too early in the spring you might have to deal with a large amount of pollen that will gather in your pool and throw off the pool chemicals. The process of opening your pool requires several steps that must be done properly. The first day involves removing the pool cover, pulling out the plugs, and starting the filter system. The water must then be tested and balanced and then the water must be circulated for several hours to allow the chemicals to adjust. A stain remover is then used along with a rust and scale prevention product. A clarifier is then used and these chemicals need between 8 – 12 hours to take effect before the pool is shocked. The next day after the water has filtered, the skimmer and pump need to be back-washed and the filter cleaned if it is dirty. pH levels need to be checked again and the pool shocked with chlorine shock. After chlorine levels are correct then algaecide is added. Regular maintenance is required, but our professionals can advise you on what chemicals need to be added. 

Steps Required For Closing Your Pool

There comes a certain time of the year when leaves and needles start to fall and then get into your pool. This is around the time of the year when the temperature drops to a level where no one wants to be swimming in the pool anymore anyway, so it is time to close the pool. The first step is to check the liner for any leaks (if the pool has a liner). The water must be drained to a certain level and then certain chemicals must be added including an algaecide. The filter pump and filter must be drained and removed and then stored in a dry, warm place. Power to all power equipment should be shut off and fuses removed, if necessary. Any slides or diving boards should be removed and stored during the offseason. Lastly, the pool should be covered to prevent any debris from landing in it. Many homeowners who have pools don’t want to have to take care of all of these pool opening and pool closing tasks, so that’s when they should contact the trained professionals at Macon, GA pool cleaning to take care of all of their pool needs.