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Your dreams finally came true and you go to that pool you always wanted to be installed! Now begins the hard work of keeping your pool maintained and safe for everyday use. It may be that you enjoy maintaining your own pool, however, many people have full-time jobs and lead busy lives and do not have the time or the knowledge to maintain their pool or spa. We are a local company in Macon, GA that can handle your monthly maintenance for your residential or commercial pool or spa.

If you are looking for a one-time cleaning, whether you are opening your pool or closing it, we can handle this service for you. We have the right equipment and cleaning products to give you the best possible results. The one-time pool cleaning service can help to bring the pool back into top shape. This includes vacuuming the pool to remove debris in the water. The surface of the pool is skimmed to capture any free-floating debris on top of the water. The tiles and walls of the pool are brushed and cleaned and all baskets and skimmers are emptied. The filter is backwashed and the water chemistry is adjusted. Lastly, we adjust the water level if necessary.

If you love your pool but don’t love the monthly maintenance, we are ready, willing, and able to provide you with that service. We can offer you a no-obligation free pool cleaning quote and a list of the items that we would deal with on your behalf.

If repairs need to be made to your pool we have trained professionals who are used to dealing with all types of pools and spas. Liners can be repaired, tiles can be replaced and cracks filled, Our skilled and trained professionals can attend at your home and inspect your pool or spa to let you know what type of repairs need to be made.

When the weather beings to get consistently warm, it is time to open up your pool There are many things that need to be done, but most homeowners are not aware of all of the important steps involved. Our company specialized in an opening and closing service for pools that can help homeowners to spend more time enjoying their pool instead of dealing with it. The opening of the pool entails many important steps including ensuring that the water is at the correct level, chemicals are added and in the right proportions, and that the pumps are ready to run. We take care of all of these items so that your pool is up and running and ready for use as soon as possible. When it is time to close your pool, we ensure that the diving boards and extra items are removed and properly stored. The pump and filter are disconnected so that the pump is no longer working. if a pool heater is installed, it is completely drained, Water inside the pool must be at least three inches below the skimmer.

Our trained professionals located in Macon, GA can take care of your pool cleaning needs including onetime cleaning, pool repair, and opening and closing service. We are ready to hear from you if you would like to find out more about our services.